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  • Jun,2018


Donations will not be donated from individuals but will be collected and donated from NOAH FOUNDATION to PCMC (Philippine Children's Medical Center).
Accordingly, the donations are not eligible for issued receipts or for tax deductions. We request your understanding on this point.

Bitcoin Donation For Philippines


The Noah Foundation was founded by volunteers from the political and business world, who came together for the development of the Philippine economy and to resolve various social issues in the country.
We also collect donations in Bitcoin on behalf of children in the Philippines.

To donate, simply send funds from your Bitcoin wallet to the Bitcoin address below.
The procedures are simple, without the hassle of credit cards or bank transfers.
You can donate Bitcoin easily from a personal computer or smartphone.
Donations will be gathered once every three months,
with the entire amount given to the
PCMC (Philippine Children's Medical Center).

Your donation helps support children in the Philippines.


Donations of Bitcoin cannot be canceled. Note, too, that if you fail to confirm the destination address and transfer funds to a mistaken destination, we can not offer a refund. Be sure to send the funds after confirming the destination address.


    Bitcoin address entry and donation

    Please open the sending page of your Bitcoin wallet, copy the above address, and paste it as the destination. Please be sure to copy the destination, as it may be entered incorrectly if typed by hand.

  • Donating by QR code

    After opening the Bitcoin wallet sending page, read the QR code above using a camera-equipped smartphone or tablet. The address will be shown. Please paste it as the destination.

  • treatment

    The donation will be used for medical care for children.

    The sent Bitcoin will be collected once every three months and the entire amount will be donated by our company, for the purpose of medical care for children in the Philippines. The donation history will be noted at the bottom of this page.

Philippines Children Medical Center


  • Philippines Children Medical Center

  • PCMC is a pediatric medical facility located in Quezon City in the Philippines.

    It provides quality medical care to children and educating and training to pediatric medical practitioners.
    It has continued as a top leader in pediatric medical care since its founding 35 years ago, and received a commendation in 2015 for its high level of contribution to the country.

    At the same time, the facilities are still lacking in some areas, such as air conditioning in all rooms, revealing the reality of medical care conditions in the country.

History of the contribution

  • 10th, Apr 2017NOAH FOUNDATION started donation.